Gorman-Rupp has designed a line of high efficiency, limited solids handling Super T Series® pumps that are available in standard materials of construction or fitted in Gorman-Rupp Hard Iron for abrasive environments. The 2", 3", and 4" Super T Series pumps are now available with a new impeller and wear plate designed to boost efficiency as much as 19% with shutoff head increased 37% more than the previous standard models. The 2" Super T Series pumps will pass a 0.75" spherical solid and the 3" and 4" Super T Series pumps will pass 1.50" spherical solids. The maximum operating speeds have increased, expanding the overall hydraulic envelope for all three sizes.

The "D" hydraulic includes a slimmer, tapered 2-vane impeller with a smooth, tapered wear plate for improved performance and efficiency. The "E" hydraulic provides the Eradicator Solids Management System to help clear away stringy material, rags, or wipes. "D" and "E" hydraulics, in all sizes, are in stock and available for purchase. Please reference the price pages for the new repair rotating assembly part numbers that have been assigned to these models.

Any Issue 2 Super T Series pump (equipped with the new style inspection cover/back cover) can be converted to the "D" or "E" hydraulic by replacing the impeller and wear plate in the field. Older style, Issue 1 Super T Series pumps will also require an upgrade to the new back cover assembly. It is worth noting that the "D" and "E" hydraulics have slightly steeper performance curves than the Super U Series or the T4B pumps, making them less susceptible to flow runout.

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